September 16, 2010

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Hello. My name is Melody....and I'm a chocoholic.

I love it! I must have it! I think I married my husband because he told me he was from Hershey, PA! (And yes, you can smell the chocolate when driving through the town).

Just like any other addict, sometimes I make a mighty effort to get off the stuff.

One particular time I was actually effective. I was trying to help my friend quit smoking. I told her that I had never been addicted to alcohol or tobacco, but that I was most definitely addicted to chocolate. I told her that while she was staying away from cigarettes, I would cut the chocolate out as well. We could help each other.

I remember very well the first few days without chocolate. I was, in a word, irritated, but then I calmed down and accepted my new sense of control. When I was offered chocolate ice cream, candies or desserts, I explained my pact and no one was offended.

The best thing was that I didn't swear off all sweets, just chocolate and I still ended up slowly and painlessly losing weight. I didn't have a scale, but I could just tell by the way my clothes fit. I lived in Malta at that time and walked everywhere, so that helped too.

In short, it was a good experience but if you have seen my main blog, Cheat Day Cafe, you will see that I am back on chocolate as one of my main food groups. What can I say...I'm weak AND I live in the most famous chocolate town in America! A woman can handle only so much!

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Matt said...

Speaking of chocolate...The other day my four year old son started using logic on me. He told me that Grandpa got him peanut butter chocolates at the store and wanted to know if I like peanut butter chocolates. I explained that peanut butter chocolates are not my favorite. He said...Do you like chocolate. I said yes. He said...Do you like peanut butter. I said yes. He said...why don't you like peanut butter chocolates then.

mattschmunk at gmail dot com

Mandy said...

It doesn't relate to chocolate but one day we were eating at a chinese resteraunt and my eight year old daughter said, "Koneechewa" (how ever you spell it-hello in Japanese) and I told her "that is Japanese, we are in a Chinese resteraunt." So she promptly says, "Ni hao" Which is chinese for hello. Smarty pants.

Dan said...

Since we're talking about our kids: during Passover, I took my picky-eating three-year-old to a bakery for a bagel. As he's munching away, he looks around and shouts out "is this a Pesach bakery, Daddy?" The Isreali owners had a good laugh.

Melody said...

oh dear! I may have to make these this weekend!!! yum!!!

Funny Story.........when I was pregnant with our first i was very emotional. any little thing would set me to crying. so on my way home from work one day i had to stop at the store to pick up a couple of small things. as i was looking for a line to wait in i started crying (this was back before self check out lanes) and by the time i got home from the store i was a rotten mess. my husband asked me what was wrong thinking it was something serious and i burst out "i only had 2 items to buy and all the lines were huge and i had to wait a long time to get buy them!!!" booo hooo booo hooo!!!!!! he started laughing (he really couldn't help it) and of course that made me cry more.
we still laugh about that today, especially since we are expecting #4. he'll ask every now and then how long the lines were and if i'm ok about it!
thanks for the chance!!

Melody said...

Oh, these look so yummy! Funny story: I was a single teacher for awhile and I had several siblings come through my class. At some point I got married. One time (after I was married) one of the parents was talking to her son and used my maiden name. He said "Mom, that not her name now, that's her made up name!" Anyway, I thought it was cute!

Naomi, Art, and Hyrum said...

My husband and I dated long distance (8 hours apart) and had lots of late night phone calls to stay close. One of these nights my then fiance fell asleep. I tried to wake him up over the phone, when all of a sudden he said "poopsickle". Of course I said "what?!?!?" to which he replied, "Naomi, it's not that hard to figure out." He didnt remember it at all afterward.

Natalia D said...

I rarely let my kids eat chips and always tell them that this is the unhealty junk food.Yesterday my son begged me for couple of chips from bag and I gave him...
He: Yes, mama, I know this is unhealty junk food! But taste is awesome, are you agree with me?

natatheangel at yahoo dot com

Isabelle said...

My daughter before bed: Mom, I couldn't understand... I am only 4 and I must sleep alone... And you are 30 and you sleep with dad.
iamfirestar at yahoo dot com

Amber said...

Wow, this sure is the blog for me...chocolate, my favorite! :)
My funny story happened when I was in youth theatre, we did a performance of Snow White and I had to be in a long gown. During the play each time I would curtsy, I could hear some of the audience laugh and I was confused cause I had no idea why. Finally after my scene was done, I walked behind stage and was frantically told by my director that each time I curtsied, I was lifting my dress to high and the crowd could see my stockings and my underwear! I was mortified, but the show must go on! ;)

Thanks for the chance to win!

shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

Rain said...

I went to a cooking class where the instructor was a chef. He was making a 3 layer Chocolate Raspberry Cake from scratch! Yummmmm. I live for chocolate, and I love raspberries - throw those two items together, and I'm in heaven!

The chef had handed out copies of his recipe. Oh, my gosh. It was in weights and metrics and a little bit of this, and a lot of that.

The recipe was confusing enough, so I tried to write notes as he demonstrated.

The cake was absolutely delicious!

I decided to attempt whipping it up the following weekend.

The recipe called for some heavy cream, but it was difficult to follow the recipe which wasn't written clearly - some cream here, some cream there, and what amounts???

So I added the pint of cream where it was first listed; then more cream (or was it supposed to be part of the first pint? lol) to the filling. I drove back to the store, bought more cream, and whipped it into the filling.

My cake wasn't looking quite like the instructors. It seemed like I had a lot, and I mean, A LOT of filling. I had bowls of filling, and cake everywhere!

When I finally got the cake layered and ready to put in the fridge, I couldn't lift the cake alone! I called to my teenage daughter for help. She helped me lift the cake and put it in the fridge - except one problem - it wouldn't fit in the fridge!

I kept telling my daughter that the cake really was delicious and to-die-for, and she replied through her tears of laughter that I was right - the cake certainly was to-die-for if it happened to fall on either of us!

We got our heavy duty scale that we use to weigh full buckets of cherries that have been picked. We made guesses as to how much the cake weighed, and then put the cake on the scale.

This cake, that was supposed to be a small 3 layer cake, topped out at over 10 pounds!!!

I could teach a course in kitchen disasters - Kitchen Disaster 101.

jakiesmom said...

the other day my little guy found a cat throw up pile and pointed it out to me...when i was done cleaning it, i said thank you for finding that mess for me and not touching it...his i like finding things for you to clean up, your good at it....i laughed..most of my clean up messes are from him!
nannypanpan at

Shooting Stars Mag said...

The only time I've ever gotten stitches, I was a young girl and pushing a friend in a wooden baby swing. We'd been swimming so I had towel around me. I pushed her, towel slipped so I leaned down to pull it up, looked back up, BAM!! swimg smacked me in the head and I got stitches by my eyebrow. What a story it was though.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Topher said...

So the last time I was making chocolate chip cookies, I was making the recipe at my parents house so my mom was around and wanting to help with the baking. While I was mixing ingredients, she didn't say anything but decided to help out anyway. So she decided to add the salt to the recipe. The same salt that I had already added. Oh, and did I mentioned that instead of 1/2 tsp she thought it was 1/2 tbsp which was in addition to the 1/2 tsp I had already added. Let's just say that these particular cookies didn't make it past the quality control test. And by quality control test, I mean my dad who decided that he needed to sneak two cookies to eat right after they came out of the oven.

siilenti said...

So the other day my dog, big 50lb+ dog hopped up on the couch to sit next to me while I was on the computer. Well after a few minutes of me ignoring him he put a paw on my hand. When I shrugged him off he tried to lick me. When I ignored him further he got up and promptly tried to get on the back of the couch to sit behind my head like he's seen the cats doing all the time. When I finally figured out what he was trying to do and he stopped moving to perch on the back of the couch I couldn't stop laughing!

Anonymous said...

Not chocolate but my 3 yr old niece was eating popsicles the other day and commenting "popsicles are perfect. I love them. I could eat them all day." :)
flyergal82 at yahoo dot com

Lynn said...

One year earlier on in our marriage, money was exceptionally tight. I was grateful though to a friend who gave us a gift card for a local supermarket to us for our anniversary. My husband and I used it to purchase Easter chocolates and gifts for the kids, as Easter would be just two weeks away.

One day, Ms. Chocoholic that I am.....I passed by our "secret stash" in the food storage room, and was SOoooo tempted to open one of the bags and just take one, maybe two. (Yeah right. I knew I wouldn't be able to stop and the entire bag would get eaten.) The only strong pull I had to keep me from doing that, was the knowledge that there was NO more money to purchase any more. And the Easter Bunny was DUE to arrive there soon.

So here I was just sniffing the chocolate smells off the bag itself, when my husband comes a long and witnesses this. Yup! You should of seen his face. ; D

Erin S said...

Umm, my funny story is not chocolate related, but is about my kids. This was about 2 years ago.

Preface - Carter (my then 3 year old) is obsessed with Thomas right now so he insists on being called Thomas, which is fine, I don't care. He watched the movie "Thomas and the Magic Railroad" and it talks about Lady the Golden Engine, so my name is "Lady."

Wednesday - I decided to go to Target and before we even get there, Carter is being a monster. He starts throwing a fit that he doesn't want to sit in the cart, which is fine because he usually just walks by me the whole time and never runs off. Well, today he just took off running as soon as we walked in the doors. He started running up to people and yelling at them, "HEY! Hi! Hello! Hey, you!" and was being quite obnoxious. I was getting lots of dirty looks and soon found myself apologizing for my "nephew" who I was "babysitting". I always let him look at the the Thomas Train section when we go and it triggered his mind that his name is not Carter, its Thomas and I am Lady, so this is what our conversation sounded like the rest of the time:

Me: Carter, come one, let's go.

Him: I'n not Tarter, I'n Thomas.

Me: Okay Thomas, let's go.

Him: I don't want to go with you, Lady!

Me: Carter, knock it off, I need to go this way, now come on!

Him: I'n not Tarter, I'n Thomas and I don't want to go with you, Lady!

Me: Excuse me? Get over here, now!

Him: Go away, Lady! I don't want to go with you!

Me: Seriously, Carter, I'm gonna spank your butt, now let's go!


Then it hits me. I'm trying to make this kid go with me, who I am calling Carter, but he's saying that's not his name and he's calling me lady. Yeah, it did not look good. I honestly thought security was gonna come get him and charge me with kidnapping. Luckily, we made it out okay, although I really wanted to leave him behind!

Shawnalee said...

Shawnalee M phototbug711 @ msn. com\\

The 1st thing that comes to mind was when I was 14. We were on vacation in Arizona. We were visiting my Uncle. I remember I had on this bright pink polka dot outfit. My hair was a afro. Yeah short hair plus perm. I looked fab-u-lous. We went bowling and I had one of those blonde momments. I was bowling and when I let the ball go it wen the wrong way. It went right into the isle. I don't remember so much after that. I was ashamed and everyone was laughing. It all happened so quickly but I have never forgotten that. Thats just me. I do silly things.

Karine Traverse said...

This is from the adventures of potty training.
Some time ago when my now 2 year old decided she wanted to join our now 3 year old in potty training. I knew she had no real interest in trying, but we figured we would go with it. One day she decided to remove her diaper and tell me she had to poop. I told her hurry poop on the potty (we own one of those free standing potty seats) and what does my child do.... shut the potty lid, stand on top of it and poop. When I asked why she didn't poop on the potty she proceeded to tell me "but mommy I did poop 'on' the potty"

Donna said...

I have to take my children to all doctor appointments with me. This specific appointment was the one with the ENT for my baby girl's consult before her tubes were put in.

The end of the appointment after we were scheduled for the surgery, the doctor says: See you later Buddy.
Mason (my 3 yr. old) says See you later DOODY (not sure what this means). Then he gets very loud and says SHAKE YOUR BOOBY as loud as he can while shaking his butt. LOL The doctor starts laughing and says WOW I did not know I had boobies.

I am turning Red literally and laughing too. Sorry, he is confused and explain (Booby=bottom/butt)... Mason then goes SHAKE YOUR BOOBY MAN. I am dying laughing and the doctor is too at this point. He says WOW okay Let's shake our boobies. So now they are both shaking their BOOBIES aka Bottoms and both yelling "SHAKE YOUR BOOBY".

I will never forget the ENT and my son yelling together shake your booby. I only wish that I had my camera with me then.

Kerry said...

When I was in highschool prepping for the prom, I was eating as little as would sustain me and going to the tanner each night. I fainted in the stand up booth and when I came to, I had my face pressed against the metal bars with my nose grazing the tanning lights! I started to eat more after that!

Kerry said...


Anonymous said...

I went on the one cup diet. You can eat anything thing you want as long as you only eat a one cup of it. So when I went to a restaurant, I would pull out my measuring cup when my food was served. I actually measured out one cup of the meal and asked for the rest in a to-go box. The servers and restaurant patrons must have had a good laugh at my strange diet.

Jayne said...

My husband and I were late to church one Sunday. This particular Sunday meeting was a combined meeting with all the church goers from the area meeting at one time. Unfortunately by the time we arrived there was only seating in the very back behind 700+ people. The usher said there was seating available "on the stage". Unfortunately my husband thought he meant the stage behind the speaker and not the stage on the other end of the room (behind the 700+ seats). I followed him up to the front of the room and when we were seated he realized his mistake. Unfortunately it was too late and he had to join in singing with the choir in the opening number. At least it was a song we were familiar with!

Emily N. said...

I recently went to a restaurant and ordered one over easy egg and a piece of chocolate cheesecake as my dinner. It's what I really wanted and tasted great but the waitress and people at my table definitely gave me a strange look.
emilynwins[at]gmail dot com

Emily N. said...


Sare said...

The other day, I drove an hour to meet two friends for lunch because one friend was visiting from Brazil for a few days. I forgot to mention, I am the only one who has kids, and I brought them; 3 boys, ages almost 4, 2, and 5 months. I think ending there would be funny enough, but I will tell a few details of the adventure. My oldest was upset because I was talking to my friends, so he acted grumpy, then knocked over a chair (fun), stood on a bench, laid down on the floor. Son #2 did similar things, earning gazes from many in our section of the restaurant. Now I am realizing, I am one of THOSE people. We went outside to a courtyard where there was a fountain, and my boys enjoyed playing near that. Ahhh what a day. I can laugh about it now. Probably wasn't funny to anyone else though.

jillyrh said...

In high school my best friend and I went on the ice cream diet where we ate nothing but ice cream for a week and believe it or not it worked, BUT we were only 16 then...duh

jillyrh said...


jillyrh said...


JanPattersonRN said...

something in all these stories reminds me that when my oldest boy was still in the stroller [and this was back in the day- 1972] he had learned how to reach out to the side and touch things. well, that was ok- a fence, as we walked by, or a hedge- but in the grocery market as i turned the corner of the aisle he touched a jar of instant coffee.

well. yes. of course. instant coffee and glass jar shards everywhere.

bad enough, until the bag boy came with- oops- a wet mop and a bucket. he realized as soon as he made the first swipe that that wasn't quite the right choice. he started laughing. i started laughing. the owner started laughing. the other shoppers, and the checkers- all laughing.

my son points at the puddle of coffee on the floor and says 'couple coffee'- i don't think any of us stopped laughing for the rest of the afternoon.

yep. couple coffee. and then some.

anajana1 [at] mac [dot] com.

Deb said...

The other day my brother-in-law was installing a new garbage disposal on my sister's sink. Finally he had to drag out the instructions. Of course we instantly started making fun of "a man who actually reads the instructions!"

He just grinned. I asked him if he ever stopped to ask for directions.

He said "Never. I have a GPS."

We had a good laugh. GPS - salvage for a man's pride! :)

Deb said...

Anyone old enough to remember when Jazzercise was all the rage? We were looking through some old photos a few weeks back and came across a pic of me and my sister in our Jazzercise get ups - you know, the leotard, the head band, the leg warmers - and my 6 year old wanted to know why we had scarves wrapped around our legs!

Shel said...

I was in high school when the Atkins Diet was all the rage...nothing but protein. I took that to heart and would come home from school and make myself a steak...from a box of Filet Mignon my father had in the freezer. Boy was he angry when he found out I had consumed the entire box as "afternoon snacks".

shel704 at aol dot com

allysmama said...

When I was in college, a friend told me about this cabbage soup diet. I decided to give it a try and made a pot. Within 10 minutes of eating the soup, I noticed I had red splotches on my arms. Coming from someone who is allergic to everything, I thought nothing of it. A little while later, I was sick to my stomach. Figured I just had a bug...well, this continued the whole week of the diet. By the end of the week, I had lost weight, because I had kept nothing down...and I ended up in the infirmery suffering from dehydration and an awful case of hives...Who would have imagined I was allergic to cabbage...DUH


allysmama said...


sharonhofmann said...

I think I could live without the chocolate. I think. But not cheese!

carmen @ life blessons said...

One time we made baked sweet potatoes and I got all the toppings out for them: butter, brown sugar, cinnamon. Only, we soon realized that it wasn't cinnamon I'd grabbed, but the cumin! Definitely not the sweet dessert-y taste we were going for!

junkforcarmen at gmail dot com

injaynesworld said...

I buy a large bar of Lindt 70% cocoa dark chocolate and eat one square every night after dinner. It's so rich it satisfies my craving and the dark chocolate also has antioxidants so I can tell myself it's good for me!

injaynesworld said...


LAMusing said...

My closest friend and I have been best pals for over 35 years . She prides herself on being quite the gourmet chef now, but I know her secret past! Back in High School, she was baby sitting one night. The kids mom had left a list of approved snacks and a roll of slice and bake chocolate chip cookies. Now at the time my friend cringed, saying she "doesn't cook". Oh, come on - it's slice and bake. What can go wrong?

She put them in the broiler.


LAMusing said...


Norma said...

Years ago my daughter went on a first date where she was meeting him at a restaurant. It was a very warm summer night. She was starving, and not wanting to chow down like a farmhand at dinner, she grabbed a candy bar to eat on the drive.

Over dinner he kept looking at her strangely. When she used the restroom she realized why - she had chocolate had apparently melted on her hand which was then transferred to her blonde hair and the white straps of her dress when she had quickly "primped" just before entering the restaurant. She was a mess! They never had a second date.


Henria O. said...

My four year old daughter really loves chocolate. When she was a bit younger, she loved to visit my mother's home where there are candy bowls scattered throughout the house. Sometimes while visiting, we would notice that everything got quiet - we couldn't hear the normal exuberance of a two to three year old. Suddenly, coming from a hidden area of the room (behind a couch, behind the kitchen island, etc.) we'd hear a distinct, "mmm...." Then, we knew our little someone was hiding away with her favorite treat!
sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com said...

I have become very familiar with chocolate over the last 12 years, from not knowing a thing about how it was made to sous chef at a local restaurant. I do remember my very first time working with chocolate before the chef in me came out. I was making chocolate covered strawberries for my girlfriend as a dessert for a dinner I had made (which at the time was very rare, as my cooking experience was limited to cooking shows I could somewhat remember. I bought the best, freshest strawberries. The most silky smooth belgian chocolate. I thought this was a piece of cake, and from what I had seen of them before they looked so fancy, ha. I washed the strawberries really good, melted the chocolate over a bain-marie and started to dip, 2 minutes later a huge mess of seized chocolate and strawberries lay in a pan and my girlfriend calls me. Trying to sound suave over the phone I talk to her while in my head, words not allowed to post on here were echoing. Not having the proper skills to fix it I quickly took it off the heat and tried to rinse the mess out of the pan figuring I had time for one more go at it before she was home. Still on the phone with her I seized the chocolate even more to the point it was stuck in the pan like super good smelling glue, I started to beat the poor little pan on the sink to get the chocolate out and had to break the news to my Gf that I was cooking. After all she did hear the banging in the background. Long story short we had Dairy Queen for dessert and I ended up beating a defenseless little pan to death all because I didn't dry off the strawberries after washing them and was not aware that melted chocolate and water don't mix. Lesson Learned!

PauleyD said...

I work out every day. Probably the funniest, but also the most painful moment, was when I fell off of a moving treadmill.

The weirdest fad diet I ever followed was raw eggs and coffee (it was the 80’s, mind you). I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone with a strong gag reflex, lol.

pauleyd68 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Deanna G. said...

I got one! Chocolate related. Okay so I don't really eat chocolate, chocolate but my protein bars and snacks are chocolate covered and one day I was eating in bed, I know naughty, and I got up to go to the bathroom. Then I came back, sat in bed and was just watching TV. Then a few minutes later I get up again and I looked back and noticed there's this brown stain in my bed! I was like "Eeeeeewwwwee. What is that?" So I gave it a quick sniff, you know to check it out & I realized it was just chocolate. However it doesn't end there. As you probably figured there ended up being a big brown stain on the back of my pants, too. I don't even know how or when I dropped any of the chocolate. It was really hard to clean, too! Ugh.

Deanna G. said...

Tweeted, too:!/calidreamin87/status/26884127362

Nance said...

We went out of state to celebrate my grandfather inlaws 80th birthday. We had our 3 children, I was pregnant with our 4th) and all of my husbands 15 siblings, (Only 4 were married and had children). All of us were enjoying a hot afternoon at the Hotel pools, My 3 year old son, who had no fear at the time, was happily testing the kiddie pool, and then the shallow part of the regular sized pool. He noticed all of his cousins sitting in a hot tob. Havign never seen one before and having no idea that it had a bench for sitting all the way around it, I watched from too far away to stop him as he ran across the court to the hot tub, and jumped straight into the middle with wild abandon, and no idea what to expect. He, of course went under the water, and jumped straight up and yelled "THIS IS LAVA!!!" His cousins helped him out of the hot tub, by the time I got to him. I still laugh at the memory, and we talk often about that life lesson today! Oh- and food? There was cake at the Birthday Party, Grandma's Chocolate Texas Sheetcake!! Nummilicious!!

JJ said...

My husband and I were at a baseball game and since we were both dieting and that of course is almost impossible to do at a game so I convinced him that a box of Cracker Jacks weighs roughly 5 oz so we each eat the whole box we would only gain about 5 oz each then we agreed to stand up while we ate it because you know what they say "Zero calories if you stand while you eat!" We looked pretty dumb.

JJ said...


quitecontrary1977 said...

I have always been called gullible, and this just proves there is truth in the accusation. One year, at a barbecue, I kept seeing this odd looking person popping up from behind cars and bushes. This poor person had a disfigured face. Finally, I asked another guest, "Who is that?" He gave a slight giggle and said, "Oh it's this burned kid. He's afraid of people." I felt so sorry for this timid, deformed child that I walked toward him with my hand extended and introduced myself. Up close, this guy looked so disfigured..and familiar. it took me a few minutes to realize it was a kid in a Freddy Krueger mask! The boy thought I was insane!

meeyeehere said...

One time my sister made me laugh so hard at the dinner table that chicken came out of my nose,a large piece

TruthHole said...

My cousin told me about a diet where you don't eat but drink coffee all the time for 5 days,then you eat small portions for 2 days and coffee again for 5.I was on the coffee for 4 days and passed out in gym class.That sucked.

Anonymous said...

Just popping in to say nice site.